late night thought

December 3, 2009

Have you ever had one of those moments where you come up with a completely original joke, but there’s no one around to tell it to, so you just chuckle to yourself about it, but then you realize it deserves more than just a chuckle, so you allow yourself to guffaw as you think about it again, but only in your head because no joke is funny enough to guffaw out loud when you’re by yourself, but at the same time you want to give it the credit it deserves because it’s ultimately one of those jokes that would lose some of its humor if you waited until you saw someone to be told out loud?

Yeah, it’s kind of a complicated feeling.


the champion, my friends

November 12, 2009

I’m experiencing SUCH a feeling of triumph. For the past however many weeks, my now-four-and-a-half-month old dog has been shredding his pee pads to hell. I tried getting the plastic pad holders, but all that did was hold down the pad for him while he picked his way through the middle. So I looked to the internet for some answers, and all of them recommended getting the bitter apple sprays that they make for dogs. But I have one of those, and it seems like Chewy (that’s my dog’s name) almost likes the taste because when I spray it on the couch, he just starts lickin’ away.

And then I stumbled upon someone who swears by tobasco sauce. He rubs it on the edges of the pad, and it keeps his pup away. Well, I don’t have any tobasco sauce at home but I do have Sriracha. Mmmm.. rooster sauce. Turns out Chewy likes Sriracha almost as much as me! Friggin aye.

Then this morning I had an epiphany. We have a bottle of hot sesame oil that my dad bought mistakenly, thinking it was regular sesame oil. No one really uses it so I figured it wouldn’t be a waste if it turns out that Chewy likes the taste of this too. So I go about prepping the pad again. I took a plastic spoon, used the back of it to dot some oil along the edges, and laid it out for Chewy to investigate. IT WAS HILARIOUS. I guess hot sesame oil is a little too hot for him because after a single lick, he was running for his water bowl. YAY for hot sesame oil! I feel like I’ve found the key to life or something. This is gonna save me from SO much aggravation.

We are the champions…
No time for losers
‘Cause we are the champions – OF THE WORLD!”

[note: I ended up having to use a paper towel to spear the oil all over the edges because Chewy would find a corner not covered with it and still drag it around. Doesn’t make me any less of a winner though.]

version 2.0

November 12, 2009

In the past few days, I’ve been thinking about reigniting the drive to write for a personal blog. This time, though, I decided I need to set some kind of guidelines for myself. So NO, this won’t be an endless stream of posts detailing how depressing the whole job searching process is, and NO, this will definitely not be my outlet for complaining about a less than ideal direction my life may or may not take.

Instead, it WILL be a chronicle of the various projects I take on. With the amount of free time I have now, I figure the best way to utilize it would be to spend my spare moments working on things that truly make me content.

There are actually a couple of things I’m working on at the moment (re: baking and painting, via separate undertakings), so I’ll be writing and posting pictures of them as they start to show some promise. Regardless of the result though (meaning some have a very high chance of turning out disastrous), I’ll still make at least one post about each project. That way, if I ever become a glutton for punishment and want to try taking it on again, I’ll hopefully be able to learn from my mistakes. Oh, and I tend to forget things so this’ll serve as my visual “note to self.”

Bear with me! It’s gonna be a rocky ride.