type camp

November 18, 2009

Who would’ve ever thought that there’d be a camp for typography junkies and the like? Well, apparently there is! Enter stage left: Type Camp. Currently, there are six camp sessions planned over the next two years, in locations from India to Australia. Most of them are led by Dr. Shelley Gruendler, the founder of Type Camp, but also include instructors who are basically as qualified as it gets when it comes to typography. Their description says:

Strengthen your graphic design career and revive your inspiration by expanding your knowledge of typography through creative self-discovery. Expert instructors will help your typographic solutions to be stronger and clearer, which will make your design work even better and your clients even happier.

But really, you don’t even need to be a graphic designer to attend one of these. The gist of what I get from the website is that as long as you have an interest, and are motivated to learn as much as you can during your time there, they’d be more than happy to have you. Of course, the cost of attending is pretty hefty, considering you still have to manage getting there on your own, and in some cases, your housing too. Still, though, it’s such a rare opportunity to be in that kind of environment that I’m tempted to say any cost would be worth it. Hmmm… I guess it’s time to start a “send Marina to Type Camp fund.” Who wants to be the first to donate to such a worthy cause? 😀


bookbinding love

November 18, 2009

I recently stumbled upon this YouTube video that I have to share.

The entire process is just so intricate and shows just how much these people must love books to go through every single step, paying such close attention to every painstaking detail. I’m just so blown away, inspired, struck with awe, and [insert a thousand more ways to say this].