version 2.0

November 12, 2009

In the past few days, I’ve been thinking about reigniting the drive to write for a personal blog. This time, though, I decided I need to set some kind of guidelines for myself. So NO, this won’t be an endless stream of posts detailing how depressing the whole job searching process is, and NO, this will definitely not be my outlet for complaining about a less than ideal direction my life may or may not take.

Instead, it WILL be a chronicle of the various projects I take on. With the amount of free time I have now, I figure the best way to utilize it would be to spend my spare moments working on things that truly make me content.

There are actually a couple of things I’m working on at the moment (re: baking and painting, via separate undertakings), so I’ll be writing and posting pictures of them as they start to show some promise. Regardless of the result though (meaning some have a very high chance of turning out disastrous), I’ll still make at least one post about each project. That way, if I ever become a glutton for punishment and want to try taking it on again, I’ll hopefully be able to learn from my mistakes. Oh, and I tend to forget things so this’ll serve as my visual “note to self.”

Bear with me! It’s gonna be a rocky ride.


4 Responses to “version 2.0”

  1. tiffany Says:

    im the first one to comment! oh yah~ hm u know if i remember correctly doesn't dancing make u content? maybe teach a class during ur spare time or choregraph some stuff 4 others

  2. simple lex Says:

    i can’t believe it took me this long to find your blog. look forward to reading about your projects!

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